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08/27/10 02:43 PM #1    

Mollie Ariail (Berkeley)

Welcome to the Grimsley High School Class Of 1971 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/13/11 11:56 AM #2    

Katherine (Kathie) Smith (Hooper)

No we don't plan to golf.

Katherine (Kathie) Denise Smith Hooper

07/13/11 02:30 PM #3    


June Faulkner (Presnell)

Hi I don't golf, but I'm really excited about this site & reconnecting with past friends. I just joined the site yesterday. I'm looking forward to seeing pix & info on people whom I shared a friendship with years ago. I have read some of the profiles on past friends. We have really changed a lot since high school. :)

June Faulkner (Presnell)

07/18/11 04:07 PM #4    

Beth Allgood (-Justice)

 I'm not a golfer.   

I'm interested in knowing if anyone knows anything about Jim Ballance who taught English to many of us?  Any contact information for him or where he may live?  I think he is a brother in law to Coach Philip Weaver.  


08/26/11 11:55 AM #5    


Michael Stephen Moody

Does anyone know whether Joe Youngblood is coming.  I sure would like to see him.  I don't know how to get ahold of him.  Also, does anyone know the size of our graduating class?

09/20/11 03:53 PM #6    

Margie Gibbs (Motsinger)

Hi -I am looking for volunteers to help with registration sites over the reunion weekend. Please message me if you can help and when-Friday night,Saturday afternoon,or saturday night. Thanks! Margie Gibbs Motsinger

09/22/11 01:54 PM #7    


Kenneth (Zeke) McKinney

 Kenneth Zeke McKinney to Beth Allgood-McKinnon

Jim Ballance was our athletic trainer he took me to the hosiptal for xrays when I broke my collar bone during a basketball game at the Greensboro Colsieum. He was also my cross country coach 

we were state champs

I saw him at the NC Sports Hall of Fame banquet in the early 90s Bob Jamieson was inducted and that is why he was there he was retired and living back home which I can't recall exactly where that is

I can't remember why when or where but I believe he has moved on to greener pastures

I never had him in the class room but we had some large times he was a true friend



09/25/11 05:50 PM #8    

Beth Allgood (-Justice)

Thanks Zeke!! 

He was the best teacher I had in school and is probably the reason I became an educator... after swearing it was the last thing I'd ever do in life.  : )  

It was fun to read your story.  I can still see him as clear as a bell in my memory.   A few years before he retired I contacted him at GHS and went to visit him and stayed for an English class.   He gave out the same vocabulary sheets with his tiny writing and told the same jokes.  I sat in about the same place I sat when I was his student and the class was studying "12 Angry Men" that day, which I remembered studying.  He was still telling the same corny jokes and was the same warm guy I remembered.  It was like being in a time machine.  

I've always wanted to see him one more time.   I, too think he moved back to the eastern part of the state where he was from.   Alas... if he has moved on to "greener pastures"  I hope he enjoyed his life and had a smooth transition. 

See you Friday? 



10/03/11 10:27 AM #9    


Greg Ferguson (Ferguson)

What a terrific weekend.  Keith, Susan, and the committee definitely had a labor of love for the last 14 months.  I know how busy you were at every event.  I hope you at least had time to take a breath and enjoy it.  I have already enjoyed some photos on Facebook and am digging deeper into the profiles on the website.  Dawn has done a great job with that.  I hated to leave yesterday.  I would say periodic get togethers at Anton's would be in order if my body can handle that much fun! 

Best wishes from the Ferguson's

10/03/11 04:39 PM #10    


Sheila Dianne Clontz

Thanks for a great Reunion!!!

Special thanks for all of the hard work from all of the volunteers.

Great job!!!


10/03/11 10:25 PM #11    


Carolyn Davis (Gray)

 The hard work was so evident!  Thanks to everyone on the committee who worked so hard to create a truly enchanting weekend for all of us.  1971 was and is  a special group of people who have made a huge impact on the world.  I am proud to be included in that group.  Thanks also for everyone who attended the events...what a special, wonderful and talented bunch of folks!! What a sweet, wonderful memory I will always treasure!!  Thanks to all!!  Carolyn Davis Gray


10/03/11 11:04 PM #12    

Beth Allgood (-Justice)

 Ditto to all the REUNION Thanks!   I had the best time and was so "high" when I got home that it was hard to work today.   The committee was great,  the visits, food, events were all fun.   My only regret is that I couldn't connect with everyone.   I wish I could have spoken to each of you but it was a great time talking to those that I did.      And next time I'll need even larger nametags!  LOL

Can't wait to see the pictures and imagine all of our facebook friend requests will increase by leaps and bounds.  

Blessings and love to all of you.    : )  

Beth Allgood McKinnon

10/04/11 12:49 AM #13    

Joseph Curtis Youngblood

Don't know how to email all you guys but mine is

"see ya' at the beach"     ---joe


10/05/11 01:06 PM #14    


Kristin Hayes (Coker)

Great job on all of the reunion events.  Even my non-alumni husband had a fun time.  We both especially enjoyed the "taste of NC": Yum Yum hotdogs, Boar & Castle, &  NC Bar B Q.  The Tams concert was a blast!  I just wish I had more time to talk to all the people I reconnected with.  

10/05/11 05:23 PM #15    

Leigh Lybrand (Gillispie)

Well, what a Super 40th Reunion it was! Many thanks to the committee involved in choreographing this memorable weekend, including Keith, Carolyn, Susan B, Alice, Cyndy, Mollie, Dawn, John H, Andy, Teri, Cam, Soozi, Eleni....and many more. All of you worked so hard for over a year planning this event and it surely was evident! The weekend activities were so much fun and brought back many fond memories of growing up in Greensboro. GHS campus is looking good and it was interesting to see familiar spots and newer improvements. I can still taste those Yum-Yum dogs and wish I had a scoop of their chocolate ice cream right now! The Boar & many times parked under those huge trees savoring a Castle Burger. The Grand Carolina Theatre....'nuff said. What a beautiful venue to see The Tams in concert! It was a blast reconnecting with friends and meeting new ones...just wish I'd had time to speak to everyone! It surely was a wonderful weekend! ~~Leigh Lybrand Gillispie

10/08/11 10:50 AM #16    

Ruthie Keller (Brewer)

Great seeing everyone at 40th !  Great job Susan, Keith, and company ! I think there should be an Anton's night from time to time.  That would be fun !

10/09/11 01:27 PM #17    

Gayle Pitts (Micca)

 Thank you for a wonderful week-end.  I continue to wake up feeling revived by the event. We all agree that the comittee who worked so hard is truely amazing. So nice to be with the class of '71.


10/16/11 08:51 PM #18    


Janet Gilbert (Colborne)

 Kudos to everyone who worked so hard on making the reunion a reality. Great job! It was a fun weekend and I'm in favor of meeting from time to time at Anton's. Tommy and his staff were wonderful.

Janet Gilbert Colborne

11/07/13 02:26 AM #19    

Ralph "Rusty" Elliott

For those who were involved in the choir: Ron Hill is still teaching school. He teachs at the same school where my wife and I both taught. We are both now retired, and he is still teaching even though I have heard he is 70 years old. You can contact him through University Meadows Elementary School, 1600 Pavilion Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28262.

Rus Elliott

08/11/16 02:18 PM #20    

Celia Snyder (Flowers)

Deby Shelton Bolduc died in June, 2015 of complications from a pulmonary aneurysm.  She was scheduled for surgery in Raleigh, but died prior to surgery.  She and her family lived in Southport, NC, for many years.  Deby was a wonderful, kind and caring woman who remained one of my best friends since our days at Grimsley.   We had not seen each other in recent years, but our relationship remained close.  I miss her very much.

10/07/16 10:22 AM #21    


Casey Hazelman

Make that turn Matthew!

10/08/16 11:42 AM #22    

Cathy Dick (Oettinger)

Beth, do you remember what part of eastern NC Mr Ballance moved back to?

10/08/16 01:36 PM #23    

Cyndy Hanner (Davis)

Mr. Ballance moved to Freemont. NC which is near Goldsboro. He passed away in 2012. He was one of the very best teachers I ever had!


10/11/16 12:51 PM #24    


Keith Holliday

To all,  what an incredible time everyone had Friday and Saturday night at our 45th reunion.... Even a hurricane can't stop our devotion to Grimsley and feelings for our classmates... SPECIAL THANKS to Susan Bass and all the wonderful Committee members who worked so hard to make this get-together so wonderful...                       Sooooooo glad I lived in the Grimsley district versus that horrible Page area... They still suck after 45 years 😈






01/24/23 09:15 PM #25    

Earl Quick (Quick)

I am happy to announce that Richard Bray is alive and well in Tennessee.

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