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Virginia Silkworth

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03/26/11 12:34 AM #1    

Alice Levy (Hill)

Ginny was one heck of a girl and a very talented athlete.  As short as she was, she could do jumps as a cheerleader with her legs straight out.  It always amazed me!  Her laugh was infectious.  When she would giggle, I just couldn't help but laugh right along with her.  She had a twinkle in her eye always...slightly mischievous.  And always fun! 

I am not sure when she died, but it was very young.  She was very bright and energetic.  BERHENIA, you are missed.  Alice Levy Hill

09/10/11 04:37 PM #2    

Patty Nussbaum

Whatever Ginny lacked in heigth she surely made it up in spirit, love and energy.  Apparently she was a dynamo of a Spanish teacher in PA ...high school teacher at that.   She returned to Greensboro when her cancer worsened.  That was when I got opportunities to spend some time with that powerhouse of a woman (beyond crazy times at GHS).

Ginny died Setember 12, 1998 I believe.  She was a detailed one.  I was amazed at her scrapbooks that housed movie stubs and ticket stubs and dried flowers and programs to every event under the sun that she attended.  And all those newspaper clippings from every Griimsley game, OMG they were there too!  And the photos...a gazillion photos that were each person's name was on the back with the date and place.  She remembered and laughed telling story after story about this and that and who was there and what fun she had.

And throughout her years of dealing with that damn cancer Ginny wrote me notes...most times just for saying 'thank you' or 'thiinking of you' or something along those lines.  She constantly demonstrated concern for others making me feel better when my visit with her was over.  That is a gift (and a heck of a lesson) that has kept on giving all these years later....and I thank her still.

10/01/11 03:15 PM #3    

James Walter Dodson

Ginny and I knew each other well from attending First Lutheran Church and I was always pleased that I could make her laugh that great husky laugh of hers -- which usually resulted in us both getting in trouble. The first week I got my driver's license, she suggested we go to the movies so we did -- to the Cinema Theater on Tate Street to see "Romeo and Juliet." We knew each other too well, I think, to be romantically interested in each other, but we remained pals through high school. We kept up with each other's careers. Years back, when my mom called me in Maine to let me know Ginny had passed, I remember feeling gutted. What an amazing girl, and a beloved friend. Seeing her older sister not long ago at a charity event at Greensboro Country Club brought it all rushing back bittersweetly. Ginny was an original, and the best.


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